Catherine Montalbo Personal Wardrobe Styling Services for Men

Every man deserves a personal stylist. Whether it’s your professional wardrobe or your social wardrobe, what you wear needs to reflect who you are, authentically, on the inside, and your wardrobe should also be a means through which you achieve your goals, both personal and professional.

As your personal stylist, I guide you through the process of shopping and selecting clothing and accessories that will reflect your own authentic personal style, while staying within your budget and on your terms.

As your personal stylist I encourage you to reveal and express more of yourself to the world, knowing that your world will take notice. As your personal stylist, I know that “fit” is more than a size or a series of measurements; it’s recognizing each man’s unique, essential, authentic character and then crafting that into his own personal style.

Because style means nothing unless it’s personal.

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J. Hilburn Men’s Clothier

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